What do you first imagine when you think about trucks?

calendar 13/10/2015

4­wheel, 5­speed gigantic drive, long highway, manly driver...True, women are not often seen behind the wheel of a truck.

In fact, although truck driver is a profession that plays an extremely important role in delivering goods and products across the countries, women make only up to 21,5% of the full­time logistics workforce, and most of them are in executive or office roles. But there are people who want to change the set ­ as Sharon Middleton, who with her interstate on long­haul runs herself. When she started, she was viewed as a novelty, but now the attitude is changing steadily. It is true that getting more women involved into transport business requires more education, but, as one women has put in on her blog "There is nothing more thrilling to me than being a girl who drives a truck." So it's worth trying!

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