About us

We are capable of solving a broad range of tasks in transport and logistics and save your time!

We are capable of solving a wide range of tasks in the transportation industry.

Real Trucking Inc. was Established in 2007 in Chicago, IL, prior to the great recession.

We learned how to not only stay in business, but flourish during tough economic times.

As business grew and shipping demand increased, Real Trucking was able to meet the additional demand. Our main office is located in Broadview, Illinois.

The greater Chicago area emerged as a critical transportation hub between the east and west coast regions of the United States. With the largest railroad yard at our disposal, and only miles away from our terminal, we are capable of serving all our customers needs. Having the busiest and one of the largest airports in the nation gives us the ability to be connected to any international airfreight customer in every corner of the world.


The secrets of our success include:

  • Focusing on building a mutual long-term partnership with Contractors and Customers.
  • Constant improvement of customer service.
  • Monitoring the quality and efficiency of everyday cargo delivery.
  • Prompt response to comments and suggestions.

Real Trucking offers comprehensive service at the highest quality, accompanied with reasonable pricing.